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5 Top Fish for Omega 3


Everyone is talking about Omega 3 and how important it is to your health.

Omega 3 is a shorthand for “omega 3 fatty acids.” Omega 3 is needed by your body for

  • blood clotting
  • building cell membranes
  • general cell health
  • reducing inflammation

Omega 3 (O-3) helps reduce the amount of triglycerides and low-density lipoprotein (LDL, bad cholesterol) in your blood.

fish oil - a source of Omega 3

There is another essential fatty acid called omega 6. Though you need a certain amount of omega 6 in your diet, too much omega 6 can be bad.

Omega 6 tends to promote inflammation. Researchers have discovered that inflammation contributes to causing heart disease, cancer, and autoimmune diseases.

If you live in the United States or other western countries, you probably consume too much omega 6 and not enough of the good omega 3.

The following sections will show you some easy ways to increase the amount of good and healthy O-3 in your diet.

1. Sardines

sardines in a special tank

These little fish pack a wallop in Omega 3s. But, it does depend upon the type of sardine you eat.

Pacific sardines have 1820 mg O-3 for a 200 calorie serving.

By way of contrast, Atlantic sardines have 1423 mg of O-3 per 200 calorie serving.

2. Salmon


There are many varieties of salmon.

Atlantic wild salmon clocks in at 2843 mg of Omega 3 per 200 calories.

However, if it’s farmed salmon it still have 2409 mg for a 200 calorie serving.

If you prefer lox, you’ll get 894 mg 3s for your 200 calories.

3. Tuna


Bluefin tuna cooked with a dry heat provides 1809 mg of O-3 for a 200 calorie serving.

Your white tuna canned in water has 1486 mg for each 200 calorie serving.

4. Mussels

cooked mussels

Blue mussels served raw have 1123 mg of O-3 fatty acids for a 200 calorie serving.

For those of you who prefer cooked mussels, the Omega 3 is still a respectable 1007 mg.

5. Rainbow Trout

rainbow trout

Wild rainbow trout has a very high 1567 mg of O-3 and the farmed rainbow trout is still great with 1463 mg per 200 calorie serving.

Plant Sources of Omega 3


Maybe not everyone in your family enjoys eating fish.

Not to worry. There are plenty of great plant sources for healthy Omega 3 fatty acids. You’ll find five of them here.

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