The 3 Pillars of Health: Fitness, Food, Sleep

Getting Lean: Is It Worth It?


A lot of people say they want to get lean. You know, they want to be lean and mean.

But how many of us really know how much effort is required to get lean?

Let’s be clear about one point: If you are eating anything close to the Standard American Diet, you owe it to yourself and your family to change.

Start changing today. You’ll find lots of hints and tips here on Fitnessator and all over the web.

What if you are already basically fit. Now you decide that you want a body that will be the envy of guys and gals on the beach next summer.

Getting Lean – The Effort You Need

Do you really know how much effort that will take?

Well, the folks at Precision Nutrition have thought about it.

They’ve put a lot of effort into developing an infographic that shows both men and women what they have to do and what they have to give up to reach different levels of fitness.

For example, say you’re a woman who has 30% body fat (a fairly typical percentage). You want to lower it to 24%.

According Precision Nutrition, you’ll need to

  • Limit your desserts and processed foods to 3-5 servings per week;
  • Limit your beverages with calories to 3-5 servings per week;
  • Eat protein dense foods 2-3 times per day;
  • Eat 2-3 servings of vegetables each day;
  • Exercise 30-45 minutes per day;
  • Sleep at least 7 hours per night.

They’ve created an info graphic that shows all the details for men and women and for various body fat goals.

The bottom line: certain transitions are quite easy and we should all strive for them.

Other transitions are not easy and will require a lot of work and planning if you decide that’s what you want.

Cost of Getting Lean