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How NOT to Deep Fry a Turkey


This article will show you how NOT to deep fry turkey this Thanksgiving.

It’s estimated that about 2 million people deep fry their Thanksgiving turkey each year.

When done right, it can be one of the most delicious turkey dinners you’ll ever experience.

When done wrong, you could end up instead in the emergency room or calling your local fire department.

On the following pages are short videos of some people’s experiences and lessons you can learn from them.

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1. Stay Calm and Fry the Turkey

Length: 2:36

Good: He managed to stay calm
He moved the fryer away from the house
He knew not to use water on the fire

Bad: He set everything too close to house

2. Wooden Deck

Length: 3:46

Good: They called the fire department for advice

Bad: They used too much oil
The was using water to cool the oil fire. This could end up spreading the fire
They were frying the turkey on a wooden deck

3. Idaho Falls Fire Department

Length: 4:06

Try to ignore the obnoxious music and get the lessons from the fire department.

Here are your tips for success:

a. Make sure to thaw the turkey completely. The turkey should be dry without any ice.
b. Set up your fryer as far from your house as possible.
c. Have a lowering system. Don’t be standing over the pot when you put the turkey into the oil.
d. Turn off the fire before putting in the turkey. This prevents most accidents.
e. If possible, do your frying on a a grass lawn.

4. Elk Creek Fire Department

Length: 1:25

Some sobering stats: 15 people burned down their houses while deep frying turkeys in 2009.

The Elk Creek FD show the explosive combination of a frozen turkey with too much oil in the pot.

5. Virginia Beach

Length: 1:27

Bad: They demonstrate the danger of too much oil and a still frozen turkey

Notice how they stay way back from the flames.

6. Too Much Oil

Length: 1:00

Bad: Again, a man is using too much oil.
He doesn’t have any hand protection.
He’s standing too close to the fire and the oil.

Good: He’s wearing long pants and his arms are covered.

7. Gas Turned Off

Length: 41 seconds

Bad: Too much oil. It’s clear this causes many of the problems.
He’s wearing short pants and open toe shoes.
He’s standing too close because he doesn’t have a long handle to lower the bird into the oil.

Good: At least they turned the gas flame off before putting the turkey into the oil. This prevents the oil from catching on fire as it spills over the edge of the pot.

8. Compilation of Fails

Length: 1:45

This compilation of deep fried turkey fails is perfect for the pyromaniac.

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Picture credit: Flickr – hagleitn