The 3 Pillars of Health: Fitness, Food, Sleep

Online Personal Training You Can Afford


How much do you think you would have to pay for a personal trainer?

When I look on the internet I see personal trainers advertising rates from $60 per hour and up to $200 per hour.


That’s real money.

Even if you only meet with a low-end trainer twice a week, that’s $120.

Do that for 50 weeks and you’re looking at shelling out $6000 this year.

A Better Way – Online Personal Training

I think there’s a better approach.

Look at it this way: what do you really need from a personal trainer?

You need
using the internet to find an online personal trainer

  • workout plans
  • instruction
  • motivation

I’m going to show you how to get all of that from a personal trainer online and for less than you would pay a cheap personal trainer in one week.

Meet My Online Personal Trainer

For my online personal training I turn to Craig Ballantyne.

You may have seen his articles in publications like Men’s Health, Muscle & Fitness Hers, Maximum Fitness, and Oxygen.

Craig, who lives in the Toronto area, is the creator of Turbulence Training and The Home Workout Revolution.

Craig started his career as an on-site personal trainer working with clients in the gym or their office.

However, he decided he wanted to help more people meet their fitness goals than those he could work with one-on-one.

Therefore, he developed online courses. Now he is able to help hundreds of thousands of men and women all over the world lose weight, burn fat, and increase their muscle mass.

The Home Workout Revolution – Your Personal Trainer Online

I’m now going to show you why I think the Home Workout Revolution can give you everything you need from an online fitness trainer.

Effective HIIT Workout Plans

The Home Workout Revolution is based on the proven principles of HIIT – high intensity interval training. The actual exercises used in the program are bodyweight HIIT.

HWR Beginner Program

As for workout plans, HWR has the 4-Week Beginner Program and the 12-Week Regular Program. Each of these plans offers you a variety of:

  • basic HIIT workouts
  • optional workouts
  • alternative exercises within each workout.

I think it would take several years before you could possibly do every workout variation.

In addition, Craig includes with HWR what he calls the 6-Minute Metabolic Miracles and the 4-Minute Miracle Plan. It’s amazing how much you can accomplish with short burst HIIT workouts. 🙂


You want your personal trainer to show you how to do each exercise. Working out is definitely an activity where quality is more important than quantity.

The Home Workout Revolution has you covered. The main part of HWR is about 90 videos of Craig and his assistants doing the workouts.

Before I try a new workout, I like to watch the video. You can see in the video exactly how to do the movements and hear the pointers from Craig about how to align your body.

In addition you receive a workbook which has pictures and written instructions for each exercise.


I think that real motivation has to come from within.

If you’re not motivated it won’t matter if someone is standing right in front of you urging you to continue.

Think about the kid (maybe it was you) who doesn’t want to practice playing the piano. If you don’t want to practice, no bribe or threat can make you do it.

There are some tricks you can you use to maintain the motivation you once had. I think the best of those tricks is to have a workout partner. Then you’ll know that when you don’t show up you’ll be letting your partner down.

There is also an idea of staying motivated during a workout session to fully complete the routine. This is where an online personal trainer can urge you to “stay strong” because there’s just a few seconds left in the workout. Hearing that time is almost up can help you “hang tough” until the bell rings.

Nutrition Plan

HWR Nutrition Plan

We all know the saying “You are what you eat.”

There’s a lot of truth there.

A successful health and fitness program requires both working out and proper nutrition.

Craig includes the Home Revolution Diet Plan as part of HWR.

It’s really like a philosophy of eating and nutrition that will help you make healthy food choices for the rest of your life.

The Affordable Online Personal Trainer

As I mentioned before, meeting twice a week with a personal trainer will cost you thousands each year.

Earlier today I was looking at one of the popular online personal training websites.

Yes, it’s more affordable. They offer an option to pay for 6 months in advance at $11.50 per week. That doesn’t sound bad.

But then, once you do a little math, you’ll be shocked to see that it’s still a whopping $598 per year.

The Home Workout Revolution will set you back a mere $67 and that’s a one-time fee.

Also, you’re never abandoned.

You’ll be able to interact with Craig and his staff on Facebook and via email.

I particularly like the emails where Craig shares his ups and downs (mostly ups) with working out and staying fit.

What’s Next

Is it possible to lose weight and burn fat while relying on the services of an online personal trainer?


Why don’t you join the thousands of men and women like yourself who have benefited from the Home Workout Revolution.

I’m sure you’ll find a worthwhile project for the money you save. 🙂


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