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Plank Exercise


The plank is a simple exercise that has many benefits. Though it is fairly easy, there are mistakes that many people make when attempting a plank.

When you do this exercise right, you should experience these benefits:

  • a toned belly
  • lose body fat
  • less back pain
  • become more flexible
  • better balance
  • more upright posture.

Who wouldn’t want all of this?

I would add only one thing. I’ve heard it said that people who can do a plank for 2 minutes do not experience any lower back pain.

Though it’s pretty easy to explain this exercise, it will take you some practice to do it right.

  • Support your body on your forearms and toes.
  • You should be making a straight line from you head to your heels.
  • Don’t let your head drop down, and don’t lift it up.
  • Don’t let your butt sag or raise up.
  • Brace your abs but continue to breathe normally.

Plank Video 1

In this video trainer James Dunne points out the 4 mistakes many people make when doing a plank.

James is helped by his dog Charlie.

Video 2

This video shows you 3 plank variations that are good for beginners. The personal trainer also explains the proper form of the plank.

Video 3

This video shows your basic plank and an advanced variation. Don’t attempt the advanced form of the plank until you’re comfortable doing the basic exercise.

As one of the women mentions, she has trouble holding a plank for very long. That’s OK. Each one of us has exercises that we find difficult to do.

Like she explains:

“I just find this to be really challenging. So I’m gonna show you what it looks like. I would think reasonably start with 15 seconds, maybe. Work your way up to 30. Plenty of people are doing minutes and on up, but not me.”